A personalized wardrobe in the era of fast fashion

Fashion is all about statements and there is no better way to make a statement than through a personalized wardrobe.

On WearableArtBlog, I strive to present unique designs from independent artists but I am aware that most of these designs are out of reach for most of my readers as some of them are limited edition and some of them are not for sale.

Sites like etsy are good for finding original affordable designs but great care must be exercised when shopping around as in the past few years it has been inundated with cheap mass produced designs. It still remains a great resource for inspiration. 

When it comes to clothing, options are much more limited as the market was taken over by fast fashion companies. There is no etsy of clothing to find unique yet affordable ideas and designs for everybody, thus the only option we have is to design our clothes ourselves.

Designing from scratch is not a job for anyone, yet plastering our pictures, texts or logos over a piece of fabric is something anyone can do. 

Companies like RushOrderTees let anyone customize their t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, towels or even tote bags the way we want. Creating the clothes is an easy process, uploading the image over the desired piece of clothing and you are ready to go.

However one needs to be extra careful to never use copyrighted designs. If you can’t create your own from scratch, use images or designs from sites like Unsplash or Pixabay to download high resolution photos with a license that allows you to freely use it.

When the designs of fast fashion are lazy and repetitive, creating your own is a fun yet distinctive way to stick out.

Custom printable bag