Nora Rochel flower jewelry

Flower Rings and More by Nora Rochel

Since this is when summer gardens are in full bloom, I thought I’d feature the German jewelry artist Nora Rochel, who uses flower motifs in almost all of her work. Here is the artist herself modeling some of her creations.

Nora Rochel flower jewelry
Nora Rochel flowers for hair

One of the most unique characteristics of Rochel’s work are the details of the flowers enclosed by petals, like in the ring, below.

Nora Rochel flower ring
Ring of silver and red gold

The gray flower ring looks as if it’s been eaten alive.

Nora Rochel gray flower ring
Ring of patinated silver

How sweet that a little flower “lives” inside the encasement.

Nora Rochel patinated silver
Ring of patinated silver and fair trade gold

There’s such a great variety of shapes, textures, sizes and colors in this work – which makes these rings rather unique.

Nora Rochel Ring of whitened silver
Ring of whitened silver

Rochel’s jewelry will be on display through August 31, 2013 at the Putti Gallery international contemporary jewelry exhibition in Riga, Latvia.

Nora Rochel Ring of bronze
Ring of bronze

Rochel also does a lot of work in colored porcelain, like this flower bowl.

Nora Rochel porcelain flower bowl
Porcelain flower bowl