Epoxy Resin Earrings

How To Make Your Own Earrings with Epoxy Resin

Making your own resin earrings is fun, cheap and unique! Your options are limitless as there is nothing to stand in your way creating the designs you always dreamed of!

For creating your own resin earrings you will of course need a good quality epoxy resin. Do not make compromises here, as some resin will leave yellowish residuals and you do not want that to happen to your creations!

This is not a definite tutorial on how to create your first pair of earrings but a broad outline of the steps you will need to do.

DIY Epoxy Resin Earrings

First, you will need to cut the ident for the shape of the earrings from plastic and then a box will need to build a box that will be filled with blue wax so that the cutouts are inserted and will act as the mould for the resin to be poured into.

The box is then removed to leave behind the blue wax casing and plastic cutouts. With the help of a cutter, we then remove the idents so that we can pour the epoxy resin there. You can use any type of epoxy but at first a clear epoxy that can be decorating with mica powder lately is best. Alternatively in a clear epoxy, you can add anything else too such as gold foil.

Wait for the earrings to cool and sand down and polish the earrings to remove any imperfections and ensure they are smooth. 

Epoxy Resin Earrings

Epoxy is a widely used material and no special care is needed for the earrings afterwards.